To celebrate the official launch of our new user interface we thought we would take this opportunity to send out a newsletter to our contacts to remind you of all the great features in Dianemo, now available to be accessed easier than ever before.

We call our new interface ‘Athena’ and it’s now available for download on the Apple App store and will be available on the Google Play store in soon. (The Athena interface is accessible from any Android Browser today). 

In conjunction with our low power & energy efficient Nerve Centre’s (consuming as little as 4w), Dianemo is the most cost effective and flexible Smart Home solution for installing in any size of home to manage your Internet of Things. Click here to see the full newsletter. 

Some screen shots of the Athena UI are below.

Home Screen Sky Screeen
Dianemo Home Screen Sky Control Screen
Internet Radio Lighting
Internet Radio Screen Lighting Control Screen
Alarm Control Floor Plan
Alarm Screen Floor Plan Screen